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“Only 5% of marketers implement browse abandonment campaigns despite a 6.4% conversion rate. This is triple the rate of welcome emails.”
- Infogroup
Browse abandonment occurs BEFORE shopping cart abandonment.
Browse Abandonment Program
According to BigCommerce, the average eCommerce website has a two to three percent conversion rate. This means that 97% of the people who visit your site are not buying! Capture a larger portion of your web visitors with browse abandonment campaigns.
Don’t let hard-earned website traffic go to waste!
Convert people who are browsers into buyers.
You'll see immediate results.
It's so easy to get started!
Sign up for a StreamSend account with Insights and paste our snippet of code into your website.
StreamSend Insights
Insights offers easy integration with Shopify, Magento and many other ecommerce solutions.
Example of an Insights Browse Abandonment Campaign in Action
Vandelay’s Apparel sells clothing and accessories through its online store. They noticed that while website traffic is strong, only a small portion of visitors are converting into customers.

During this campaign, Insights will first identify new visitors vs. existing customers, products viewed and categories viewed.
Browse Abandonment Campaign
When a visitor leaves your site without adding anything to their cart:
Unknown visitors will receive a pop-up with a discount coupon to capture their email address, giving the company the ability to continue marketing to those new website visitors.
Returning visitors will receive a targeted email dynamically displaying products they have viewed - or related products - to bring them back to the website.
Get started today and start seeing results!
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